Elf City – Design Document 2

The time has come for us to release the second of our downloadable design documents for the Elf City. We've been reviewing all of your feedback on our first document, and have made some changes that you've requested.

Max Guild

In this document, we've put together a creative brief about the Iorwerth and Cadarn clans who will feature in the initial release of the Elf City. It outlines the plans for the Max Guild and shows off some concept art for Elven armour and the long awaited crystal weapons.

We're continuing to release these each Wednesday until the 11th June:

  • Part 3: Trahaearn and Crwys – 28th May
  • Part 4: Ithell and Amlodd – 4th June
  • Part 5: Hefin and Meilyr – 11th June

We would love to hear your feedback on this document, so as with the first, head over to our forum thread to discuss the document and share your thoughts!

The RuneScape Team

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