Vote RuneFest as Best Live Webcast

RuneFest LIVE and Groovy Gecko - the tech gurus who made it happen - have recently had the honour of being nominated for Best Live Webcast in the European Readersí Choice Awards.

It was our biggest ever live stream, featuring interviews, previews and - of course - those all-important Insider Sessions. For a recap, take a look at our RuneFest LIVE playlist.

Being nominated for our first big stream is a great achievement in itself, but winning is even better! If RuneFest LIVE and the guys at Groovy Gecko are to win the award, we need your votes!

You can show some love for RuneFest LIVE and help it clinch the award for Best Live Webcast right now. Visit the voting site and choose "Groovy Gecko Ė Jagex RuneFest 3" under the "Best Live Webcast" heading.

Today is the last day for you to cast your vote. Before you do anything else, vote RuneFest!

Paul M
RuneFest LIVE

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