Christmas Quest Pt 2 | Master Quest Cape | More Defenders

Christmas Quest Pt 2 | Master Quest Cape | More Defenders

RuneScape's Christmas celebration is well underway, and here's hoping you're already well into the festive mood.

This week, there's an exciting soft present under the tree for questing completionists – the master quest cape.

The next episode of The Pinch who Stole Christmas is now live. Find out what happened to Jack Frost's mum, unlock another event and unwrap another gift.

Finally, the ranged and magic defenders to accompany last week's release are here, filling out your top-end arsenal with awesome and versatile off-hands.

Remember – find out about everything that's coming up this Christmas by clicking the snowman icon on the Ribbon or Minimap bezel – including the Advent Calendar and Winter Weekends.

Master Quest Cape

The shoulder-warmer of choice for the most avid of lore fiends, the master quest cape is obtained from Curator Haig Halen at Varrock Museum by completing all story-focused content in game.

Full details are available in the Hero interface under the Completionist tab, but generally speaking, wearing the cape requires that you:

  • Complete all quests, mini-quests and unabridged sagas.
  • Unlock all additional post-quest rewards.
  • Complete story-rich content such as Court Cases and Player-Owned Ports voyages.
  • Complete content derived from – or an expansion of – quest content, such as Temple Trekking.
  • Obtain all titles which demonstrate a story accomplishment, such as Vyrelord or Annihilator.
  • Obtain items significant to the storyline, such as the gilded cabbage or crest of Seren.
  • Obtain lore journals.

It's a challenge to relish for those of you who can't get enough RuneScape story. We look forward to seeing these crop up in-game!

Live and Let Slide | Christmas Quest – Part 2

Now that Jack Frost's released from his gift-wrapped prison, it's time to free the Queen of Snow from the slippery perps of The Pinch who Stole Christmas.

Complete this week's part to unlock the ice skating activity – which awards Agility XP – and the Ice Skating emote.

Ranged and Magic Defenders

As with the melee equivalents released last week, the level 70, 80 and 90 ranged and magic defenders require drops from the Barrows chest, Nex and the Kalphite King respectively, along with other items listed below.

Level 70

  • Tainted repriser | Combine Karil's two-handed crossbow with a corruption sigil
  • Blighted rebounder | Combine Ahrim's staff with a corruption sigil

Level 80

The ancient repriser and ancient lantern can both can be created by combining an ancient emblem with a chaotic splint – 150,000 tokens from the Dungeoneering Reward Store.

Level 90

  • Kalphite repriser | Combine an off-hand ascension crossbow with a piece of perfect chitin
  • Kalphite rebounder | Combine a seismic singularity with a piece of perfect chitin


The festive season's in full swing in Gielinor, so get stuck in and have fun. Let us know your thoughts over on the forums.

The RuneScape Team

This Week's Streams

  • Tuesday 8th Dec – Tune in to at 17:00 Game Time to ask Mods Conor, Osborne & Kelpie anything about RuneScape in 2016! Then join us at 18:00 Game Time at the same place to win some in game and IRL prizes in our advent calendar stream!
  • Wednesday 9th Dec - We’ll be giving away Chronicle Beta keys at 17:00 GMT/UTC during our developer Q&A. Head over to for a chance to win one!

  • Read the patch notes for further detail of today's updates.

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