Christmas Quest Pt 4

Christmas Quest Pt 4

What better way to celebrate than with our Christmas quest grand finale? Join us in the final episode of The Pinch who Stole Christmas to bring Christmas back to Gielinor and bring the penguins in for the festivities.

The next game update will be on the 4th January - an awesome in-game party to celebrate 15 years of RuneScape. Be sure to log in then to join in the festivities, and look out the following week (11th January) for a chance to try RuneScape Classic!

Look out for the 2016 Manifesto and Mod Mark's Behind the Scenes January for full details of everything that's coming up.

Read on to find out more about what's going on this week!

Quantum of Solstice | Christmas Quest - Part 4

So you've saved the day, (well, Santa) but Christmas can't continue until the penguins' plot is foiled once and for all. Succeed and you'll definitely make it onto Santa's Nice List - and earn yourself a snuggly in-game penguin onesie!

Remember: If you haven’t had a chance to play the Christmas quest yet, just jump in-game and speak to a snow imp at the Prifddinas, Burthorpe or Lumbridge lodestones. Catch up with the story to unlock all of the latest Christmas activities.

You have until the update on 11th January to complete The Pinch who Stole Christmas.


Have a fantastic holiday season, keep checking your Advent Calendar for some truly excellent presents, and let us know your thoughts over on the forums.

See you soon!

The RuneScape Team

Live Streams this Week – NXT Special!

Each week we stream developer Q&As, in-game events and more. Watch our streams and find our full streaming schedule over on our Twitch channel.

Check our YouTube channel, too, for recap videos of streams you may have missed!

This week, we have an early Christmas present for you…

New Game Client | 20:00 UTC, Tuesday 22nd December

As we announced in last week's Developer Q&A, we have something a little bit special planned for you next week.

As an early Christmas present, we'll be showing off our awesome new Game Client to you guys!

Whilst it's obviously still a work in progress, we thought it'd be nice to share where we are with NXT, and answer some initial questions you may have about it live on stream.

As a special twist, we'll be showing you the areas of RuneScape YOU most want to see in-game with the new Game Client. Vote on our poll for the location you would like us to visit!

This is not a stream you want to miss, believe us.

Ask your questions for the team on our forum thread, Reddit, or by using the hashtag #NXT on Twitter.

And we'll see you at 8pm on Tuesday! Be there!

Please note: we will NOT be revealing a release date for NXT during this stream. It's the chance for us to show you guys where we are with the project as it stands.

Extra Festivities!

This Week's JMod Events

Each week the Community team will host a number of in-game events. Be sure to check them out and say hi to the team!

Check out all of the latest Christmas events over on our RuneScape forums for more information.

Community Competitions

Final call for all of our Christmas community competitions! Read on to find out what awesome goodies you could win and how you can enter.

  • Facebook: Enter the 15 Days of Christmas Winter Sweepstake, for your chance to win an MSI Gaming Laptop, IRL retro dragonfire shield and loads more goodies. Competition ends 23:59 Game Time (UTC) on 23rd December 2015.
  • Forums: Check out our Christmas forums for daily competitions to win some awesome prizes!
  • Instagram: Take part in our #RSInstaChallenge and you could win a Gold Premier Club membership! Details over on Instagram.

Please note that there are no patch notes this week.

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