New Auras | Gauntlet of Souls

New Auras | Gauntlet of Souls

This week's update is a two-parter. Today, we release a massive batch of auras, including all-new options and higher-tiered versions of some old favourites.

Then, from 00:00 UTC on 27th October, Gauntlet of Souls breaks free of its shackles and shambles forth from RuneLabs – lasting through the Halloween period for two weeks. As well as its spectacularly spooky new environment, there are some great rewards – including a Kharidian cat pet, gravestone overrides and XP-giving herb burner.

Read on to find out more!

New Auras

Brand new auras are now available via Xuan's Loyalty Store or Solomon's Store.

The following come in five tiers, all with benefits ranging from 3-15%:

  • Dedicated Slayer | Slayer kills have a chance not to reduce your assignment count
  • Flameproof | Reduces chance of burning food
  • Focused Siphoning |Increases chance of successful siphoning at the Runespan

The following are equivalents to the melee Berserker aura – both at tier three:

  • Reckless | Boosts ranged damage and accuracy, at the cost of defence
  • Maniacal | Boosts magic damage and accuracy, at the cost of defence

Brawler comes in four tiers, with benefits up to 10%:

  • Brawler | Increases melee accuracy

We've also added new tiers for the following favourites:

  • Wisdom | Supreme and Legendary tiers, with duration increased to 60 and 90 minutes
  • Jack of Trades | Legendary tier, requiring 25 different skills trained in three hours

Gauntlet of Souls | Halloween Event - Free-to-Play

How to Start
Enter the soul rift by Burthorpe's lodestone from 00:00 UTC (game time) on 27th October
Other Information
Combat is safe, with scaling NPCs. The event is accessible to Ironman players.

Forged in the baleful fires of Cinderquill's RuneLabs suggestion, this year's Halloween event takes you on a journey to the Underworld – aiding Icthlarin against the depredations of Amascut.

Jump in the boats to start rescuing souls from the river. Occasionally, special souls will spawn that will grant you XP, in a skill determined by the type collected.

Once 20 souls have been collected, you'll be able to to escort the souls across the bridge, fending off Amascut's devourer beasts along the way, using your combat or divination powers.

Note that fighting the devourer beasts gives no XP – so there's no risk of earning any unwanted combat XP.

Every 15 minutes, the Avatar of Amascut will spawn, and must be defeated. Team up and take the beast down!


You'll earn Noumenon Favour for participating in the event. Also, skilling or training combat on the surface world during the event will occasionally spawn a lost spirit. Calm these spirits for XP, then hand them in to Sinn Derkwill in the Underworld for Noumenon Favour.

This can be spent on some unique rewards:

  • Kharidian cat pet.
  • XP lamp: usable on the skill of your choice.
  • Death animation override: Be dragged to the Underworld by a devourer beast. This can be toggled at Death's house.

Members also have access to the following rewards:

  • Herb burner: this placeable item can be used to burn herbs for 10x the XP gained from cleaning them. Note that the rate at which this is done is not the same as cleaning herbs.
  • Gravestone overrides: these resemble the jackal and lioness statues seen in the Underworld, and can be selected or deselected at the Keldagrim shop.

As another members' benefit, the Underworld is also host to another Ectofuntus. It's much like the surface version, although there's no need to traverse floors to pick up buckets of slime, so Prayer training there is a good deal quicker.

Have Fun!

Enjoy the event and new auras, and let us know your thoughts over on the forums.

The RuneScape Team

Live Streams this Week

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Check our YouTube channel, too, for recap videos of streams you may have missed, including last week's Halloween Special.

This week is your first chance to see November's High-Level Mobs, and a spooky Halloween community stream special!

Developer Q&A: feat. Elite Mobs| 16:00 UTC, Tuesday 27th October

This week, we'll be showing you our High-Level Mobs! Our four RuneLabs winners have been created, and we'll be showcasing some of the awesome things you can expect.

Here are the amazing concepts to whet your appetite.

Ask your questions on the forums, on Reddit, or on Twitter using the hashtag #RSDevQA.

Halloween Trick or Treat | 20:00 UTC, Tuesday 27th October

Mod Lee will be taking over the Community Stream this week - and it's got a spooky edge. Expect a chance to go through the Gauntlet of Souls, as well as some Halloween fun - including trick or treating and ghostly transmogs!

In Other News

  • The Dark magic aura will now work with all combat styles, dealing damage corresponding to your main-hand weapon.
  • All Enrichment auras have been buffed slightly to be more effective.

Please note that there are no patch notes this week.

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