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Premier Club is available now, and it's the best-value way to enjoy next year's content.

Expansions are coming – starting with the Golden City of Menaphos – and Premier Club gets you access to those at an unbeatable price, plus all other members' content and a range of awesome benefits.

Gold Premier Club gets you:

  • Discounted membership
  • Desert Pantheon aura
  • Menaphite Ancient outfit
  • +1 Treasure Hunter Key per day
  • 150,000 loyalty points
  • 50% discount on RuneMetrics
  • VIP world access
  • VIP forum access
  • Forum badge
  • Chat badge
  • Premier Club-exclusive Q&As
  • Pre-paid card promotional items
  • Access to Old School members' content

Best-ever value

This year, Premier Club offers a hearty discount on membership. 12 months is by far the best value, but also consider the three and six month offerings if you're not ready to commit. Upgrades to higher packages are available for as long as your Premier Club membership lasts.

Please Note: Grandfather rates are not factored in when calculating Premier Club membership. You may still purchase Premier Club for the extra benefits, if you wish. Any existing Grandfather-rate subscriptions will be resume once your Premier Club membership has ended.

Desert Pantheon Aura

The Desert Pantheon aura gives you a choice of handy buffs when you need them. It works a bit differently to a regular aura, but we think you'll find it handy and flexible.

  • Each day of your Premier Club membership, the aura accrues 250 charges. It can store up to 500.
  • You can spend charges on your choice of the following effects:

    • Strength of Het: +20% maximum life points for 1 hour, max boost 1000 LP. 50 charges.
    • Ward of Icthlarin: 2 sign of life effects, to be used within an hour. 125 charges.
    • Wisdom of Scabaras: +10% XP gain for 1 hour. 200 charge.
    • Bounty of Crondis: increases your divine location gathering limit by 100%. 150 charges.
    • Joy of Apmeken: the player – and all nearby – gain 10% pulse core effect, lasting 10 minutes. The duration refreshes on repeat. 100 charges.

Please note:

  • Ironman and Hardcore Ironman accounts cannot benefit from the Scarbaras and Apmeken effects.
  • In addition, Hardcore Ironman accounts cannot benefit from the Icthlarin effect.

What're you waiting for?

Premier Club is available now, so treat yourself to an early Christmas present today. Head to the Premier Club page, or redeem Bonds in game.

Got a question? There's an excellent chance it's covered in the FAQ. You can also head to the Support Centre if you're in need of further assistance.

Enjoy - the road to Menaphos begins today!

The RuneScape Team

In Other News

See the patch notes for further details of today's update.

Live Streams this Week

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Check our YouTube channel, too, for all of our previous streams, including a special art stream from last week – well worth a watch!

Tuesday, November 29th| 17:00 Game Time | Christmas 2016 and Winter Weekends

It's very nearly December, and, you know what that means: Christmas!

We've got a whole load of festive things to show off from our Ninjas, including this year's Winter Weekend bonuses - so don't miss it!

Please post any Christmas/Winter Weekends questions you have for the team on the forums, on Reddit, or by using the #RSQA hashtag on Twitter.

Friday, December 2nd | 21:00 Game Time | Update preview with Mod Shauny

Find out what you can expect from Monday’s patches and more with Mod Shauny this Friday night.

Sunday, December 4th| 20:00 Game Time | PvM with Mod Lee!

Mod Lee will be hosting some Community PvM goodness live on Twitch.

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