Slayer Belt – RuneLabs Update

Slayer Belt – RuneLabs Update

Be prepared for every encounter with the slayer belt – one of the first ideas chosen from RuneLabs.

Proposed by Dragonsseed, the slayer belt expands the tool belt you know and love with new slots. These hold specialist slayer equipment – such as a rock hammer, fungicide or the Ouroboros pouch – so you'll always have the right tool to strike a killing blow.

Previously consumable or charge-limited items added to the belt will become unlimited, too – never worry about running out again!

You can also spend slayer points to add the bonecrusher, charming imp, seedicide and herbicide to the belt, saving you time and keeping your inventory clear.

What's on the Belt?

These items can now be added straight to the tool belt:

  • Rock hammer
  • Slayer bell
  • Crystal chime (either version)
  • Ouroboros pouch (unlimited once added)

Note that slayer items that need to be wielded or equipped cannot be added to the tool belt.

There are several new items to obtain, which act as replacements for your consumable slayer items. You can add these to the tool belt and use them indefinitely, with no need to recharge or refill:

  • Salt bag: buy a salt shaker from any slayer master.
  • Icy water: buy an ice shaker from any slayer master.
  • Fungicide: buy a fungicide shaker from any slayer master.
  • Fishing explosive: buy an explosive shaker from any slayer master.
  • Super fishing explosive: buy a super explosive flask from any slayer master, then fill it with 100 rubium ore.

Monsters that must be killed with slayer items now all have on-click options to do so. These work whether the necessary item is on your tool belt or in your inventory.

For 500 slayer points each, you can unlock the ability to add the following to the slayer belt:

  • Bonecrusher
  • Charming imp
  • Seedicide
  • Herbicide

Check in at RuneLabs!

If you haven't visited RuneLabs for a while, now's a great time to do so.

This month, we're looking for high-level mobs, which is a chance to let your imaginations run riot. Whatever ruthless foes, exotic beasts or terrifying monstrosities your minds can conjure, we want to hear about them!

Start enjoying your streamlined slayer assignments now, and look out for another RuneLabs update next week – adamant and rune dragons!

Solomon's Store – Challenge Gems

Challenge gems present a set of handy tools for running in-game competitions, and they're available now in Solomon's Store.

Set up the terms of your contest – skilling or combat, staked or just for fun, time limits, level ranges and more – and set down the gem in the world.

Contenders can step up and join at the gem – then, the game is on!

Pick up some challenge gems today! If you need more RuneCoins, you can redeem Bonds in-game, or purchase RuneCoins via the website.

Challenge gems are also tradeable in-game: in person, or on the Grand Exchange.

This Week's Streams

This week, you can check out the adamant and rune dragons in our Dev Q&A, and we'll be giving you a prize-filled treasure hunt in our Community Stream!

Developer Q&A, plus Ninja Fixes – 16:00 UTC (game time), Tuesday 9th June

This week's Q&A focuses on another major summer update – the RuneLabs-voted adamant and rune dragons! We'll be giving you a sneaky peek of what you can expect, as well as answering your questions.

This week's panel will include:

  • Mod Pi – Combat Specialist and Ninja
  • Mod Kelpie – RuneScape Project Manager and Head Ninja
  • Mod Stu – Content Developer and lore specialist from the 'Guardians' development team

You can ask your questions on the forums, on Reddit, or on Twitter using the hashtag #RSDevQA. We'll get through as many as we can!

Clue Scroll Treasure Hunt (with prizes!) - 20:00 UTC, Tuesday 9th June

Everyone loves a treasure hunt, and this week, Mod James will take you on a journey of discovery – using clues you won't have seen before! You'll need your wits about you, but you can win awesome prizes!

Check out both of these streams on our Twitch channel.


Have a great week, fight the good fight against Tuska, and let us know your feedback over on the forums.

The RuneScape Team

In Other News

Read the patch notes for further details of this week's updates.

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