Sliske’s Scoreboard | Weekly D&D

Sliske’s back with a very large bang. A giant scoreboard, parodying Guthix’s Sword of Edicts, has smashed into the Grand Exchange’s fountain! What is that menacing Mahjarrat up to?

Sliske’s Scoreboard | Gather Sliskelion Pieces and Earn XP Lamps

Earn XP lamps from Sliske’s Scoreboard by collecting Sliskelion pieces. You can find these by skilling and killing around Gielinor just like strange rocks. Teleport to the scoreboard at the Grand Exchange after collecting 50 pieces to claim your XP lamp. You can do this once a week and it resets at 00:00 UTC every Wednesday. Speaking to the scoreboard will give you the option to opt-out of the event.

This event is for free-to-play, members’, and Ironman accounts.

What else is the God Scoreboard for? | Upcoming Quests

Sliske’s Scoreboard will be around for a while yet. It seems that Sliske is using it to track which god is in the lead in a sadistic and marvellous game.

Upcoming quests in the Sliske’s Endgame series will have an effect on the Scoreboard, so you’ll have to keep an eye on what’s going on in Gielinor during 2016 to see what happens.

You may wish to play the quests The World Wakes and Missing, Presumed Death for some narrative context on Sliske and the storyline surrounding his scoreboard. Or check out last Friday's BTS for Mod Osborne’s recap.

Check out the full patch notes on the forum thread.

This week’s live streams

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Tuesday, February 9th | 17:00 UTC (Game Time? | Developer Q&A - Nomad's Elegy and Sliske's Endgame

Our Sliske's Endgame quest series comes to close in 2016 with 4 epic quests. The first of these features Nomad, and is set to be released later this month! In this stream, we'll be taking your questions about this quest, and about the rest of the Sliske's Endgame canon.

Ask your questions on the forums, Reddit, or by using #RSDevQA on Twitter!

Tuesday, February 9th - 21:00 UTC (Game Time) | JMod Shenanigans with Mod Shauny!

Mod Shauny is back! And this time, he'll be trying to make the longest Zodiac Dragon he can. Don't miss it!

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