Treasure Hunter - Dungeoneering Wildcards

Delve deeper into dungeons this weekend with all new Dungeonering Wildcards from Treasure Hunter.

From 00:00 UTC on 03rd September, until 23:59 UTC on 7th September, win Dungeoneering Wildcards ľ found on the Yellow and Orange gem slots in order to help along your dungeoneering adventures.

Wildcards will be able to be taken into Daemonheim and you can use one card per floor. When used, the card will grant you 50% extra base XP and 50% extra base tokens when completing your floor!

You can use one card per floor and they can stack with any team Gorajo card that your team might be using at the time. Please note that these do not stack with Personal Gorajo cards, and you will have to choose one or the other to use.

The Wildcards will be cleaned up from your inventories and banks on the 7th March 2016, giving you six months to make use of these items!

Enjoy, and let us know your feedback over on the forums!

The RuneScape Team

What is Treasure Hunter?

Treasure Hunter is a minigame playable from within RuneScape - where players use keys to claim in-game items as prizes. These range from useful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear.

Playing Treasure Hunter is simple ľ click the treasure chest icon that pops up when you log in. If you've not played before, just follow the on-screen guide.

Everyone gets at least one Key per day, and RuneScape members get two. You can earn more Keys while playing the game, or stock up by redeeming Bonds.

If you'd like more, you can also buy Keys on the website, or by clicking 'Buy Keys' within the Treasure Hunter interface in-game.

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