Bounty Hunter Rewards Poll Mini Blog

Bounty Hunter Rewards Poll Mini Blog

The Bounty Hunter rewards poll is upon us!

While all of these rewards have been accessible for a number of weeks in beta worlds, we thought we'd put together a really quick blog to keep all the information and updated stats images in one place for those of you who might not remember every little number from the beta!

This one's going to be pretty light on text, so strap in for a bunch of numbers!

Ancient Warriors' Equipment

These are untradeable pieces of armour that can be purchased using Bounty Hunter points. They'll be useable within the Bounty Hunter crater and each piece will require charging with 5,000,000 GP to be made useable. Upon PvP death, this GP is lost to whoever killed you, leaving you with an inert item that you'll have to recharge before using again.

All of these sit at tier 78, meaning you'll need a hefty 78 Defence to equip them.

Wearing a full set of any particular Ancient Warrior's armour provides a set effect that provides 15% increased accuracy for any special attacks in their style: Melee for Vesta's and Statius's sets, Ranged for Morrigan's set and Magic for Zuriel's set.

Vesta's Armour

Statius's Armour

Morrigan's Armour

Zuriel's Armour

If you'd like to see all of the armours' bonuses in one place, click here for an image showing all of them together!

Ancient Warriors' Corrupt Equipment

With the return of Bounty Hunter, we've also seen interest in aiding the return of iconic 20 Defence builds.

These corrupt, tier 20 versions of Ancient Warrior equipments function similarly to their tier 78 counterparts in that they're untradeable, purchased with Bounty Hunter points and useable within the Bounty Hunter crater. Owing to their lower requirements, each piece of corrupt Ancient Warrior equipment will require charging with 1,500,000 GP before it's useable, with this cost being lost on death to whoever killed you.

Wearing a full set of any particular Ancient Warrior's corrupt armour provides a set effect that provides 15% increased accuracy for any special attacks in their style: Melee for Vesta's and Statius's sets, Ranged for Morrigan's set and Magic for Zuriel's set.

Vesta's Corrupt Armour

Statius's Corrupt Armour

Morrigan's Corrupt Armour

Zuriel's Corrupt Armour

If you'd like to see all of the armours' bonuses in one place, click here for an image showing all of them together!

Ancient Warriors' Weapons

These have existed in Last Man Standing and Dead Man Mode for some time now, and were added to the beta worlds for the second week following player feedback. They're not any different stat-wise than their pre-existing alternatives, but will follow the same rules as the rest of the Ancient Warriors' equipment.

Meaning they'll be untradeable, purchasable with Bounty Hunter points and useable in the Bounty Hunter crater. Similar to Vesta's blighted longsword, each of these weapons will require charging with 50,000,000 GP to become useable in combat, with this fee lost on death to whoever killed you.

Something worth noting is that to make this charging system feel intuitive and consistent across all of the weapons, we've opted to make Morrigan's javelins and throwing axes an infinite charge weapon. Meaning you'll grab one javelin, charge it with GP and then throw as many as your heart desires until you meet your untimely end!

With all that said, we'll save you some Wiki searching and provide all the weapon stats below.

Vesta's Longsword

Requires 78 Attack

Vesta's Spear

Requires 78 Attack

Statius's Warhammer

Requires 78 Strength

Morrigan's Javelin

Requires 78 Ranged

Morrigan's Throwing Axe

Requires 78 Ranged

Zuriel's Staff

Requires 78 Magic and 50 Attack

If you'd like to check out all of the weapons in one handy image, click here!

Weapon Imbues

Alongside all the Ancient Warrior equipment, we've got from fresh spins on fan favourites that you seemed to really enjoy in the beta!

In case you didn't get a chance to try them out, we've detailed exactly how these Bounty Hunter-specific imbues differ from their ordinary counterparts.

Dark Bow (i)

The Dark bow is an absolutely iconic weapon in Old School, especially when you get to see its special attack used in conjunction with Dragon Arrows. Despite its instantly recognisable appearance, it's not been at its best in the last few years, so we've imbued it with the following changes in beta worlds:

  • Ranged Accuracy increased from 95 to 105.
  • Special Attack cost reduced from 55% to 45%
  • Both arrows fired by the special attack land at the same time.
  • Minimum Special Attack damage for Dragon Arrows increased from 8 to 10, and for non-Dragon Arrows increased from 5 to 7.
  • Special Attack damage now rolls between the minimum and maximum hits, rather than being clamped by it.

Ultimately these changes aim to lean into the Dark Bow's existing KO power and make it a more reliable Special attack weapon, while opening up the ability to combo it with other offerings!

Barrelchest Anchor (i)

This one's for all the 60 Attack builds out there who've grown tired of Dragon weaponry. We want to bolster this nautical nightmare's KO potential to help 60 Attack builds punch up a little, while still leaving enough of a gap for the Armadyl Godsword to be a worthwhile unlock.

  • Crush bonus increased from 92 to 102.
  • Strength bonus increased from 100 to 110.
  • Special attack damage increased from +10% to +25%.

Dragon Longsword (i)

Ahh, the weapon of choice for Gielinor's champions: the Dragon Longsword (Obsidian Cape and Rune platebody optional). Unlocked alongside the Dragon Dagger in the Lost City quest, this Longsword's limited popularity is proof that bigger isn't always better, as it doesn’t have much of a use-case while the Dragon dagger remains particularly relevant for 60 Attack builds.

Our proposed changes aim to make the Dragon Longsword a viable alternative against high defence targets, trading off max hits for much higher accuracy and potentially momentum swings while facing off against troublesome tanks.

  • Stab bonus increased from 58 to 62.
  • Slash bonus increased from 69 to 75.
  • Special attack now gains +25% Accuracy.
  • Special attack delays your next attack by 4 ticks (2.4s) rather than 5. This means you'll be able to keep on the offensive and dump your Special attack energy in a similar fashion to the Dragon Dagger.

Dragon Mace (i)

If you've always dreamed about crushing your opponent's armour and smashing them to pieces with a big, red, spiky mace then you should probably seek help. But… you should also check out these slight tweaks to the Dragon Mace. Hehe.

  • Stab bonus increased from 40 to 44.
  • Crush bonus increased from 60 to 64.
  • Special attack accuracy rolls against 60% of your target's Defence. If you'd like to more-or-less recreate the Battle of the Trident (and we're not talking about Kraken uniques) then this might be the bullet point for you!

Abyssal Dagger (i)

As part of Poll 78, we reduced the special attack cost of this demonic dagger to 25%. We'd like to propose the following boosts inside Bounty Hunter, to give the Abyssal Dagger a place in PvP that isn't in the Dragon Dagger's shadow.

  • Stab bonus increased from 75 to 85.
  • Special attack damage reduction adjusted from -15% to -5%).

These tweaks are small, but should give builds with 70 Attack the option to use something that feels like a Dragon Dagger with a little more consistency, making those extra Attack levels feel worthwhile.


On top of all of the above, we'd like to offer two rewards relating to Experience.

The first - and easiest - is the option for players to spend their hard-earned Bounty Hunter points on Combat Experience, similar to spending your Void Knight Commendation Points at Pest Control. Simple enough! The aim for this isn't to outcompete traditional training methods, but more to allow players to 'bank' experience in case they'd like to go up a bracket without making a new character.

Perhaps you've gotten a little bored of your 50 Attack Pure and want to try your hand at some huge Armadyl Godsword hits, you'd be able to play Bounty Hunter and bank XP to get you closer to your new 75 Attack goal (and any other stats you might need to optimise your Combat level!)

The second is the ability to remove a limited amount of XP via the same interface. These are intended as a means for players who made a mistake or two and might have gained some XP in a stat they weren't planning on. We'd like to offer lamps in increments of 10, 50 and 100 XP allowing players to remove up to a maximum of 500 XP from combat skills on their account. This number might seem low, but ramping this up much higher might lead to players making use of unlocks to progress their account before moving themselves down to 1 Defence, something we're keen to avoid to try and keep everybody on a level playing field.


Dragon equipment ornament kits

We showed some early concepts off for these earlier in the year as well as a few models for them that we made in the past and never wound up surfacing. Players seemed to like the aesthetic, and it turns out that they're pretty simple for us to make. You can see those concepts and models below for the existing kits, but we'd like to extend these to a bunch of Dragon equipment, our full list looks like this:

  • Dagger
  • Mace
  • Sword
  • Scimitar
  • Longsword
  • Warhammer
  • Battleaxe
  • Claws
  • Spear
  • Halberd
  • 2h sword
  • Crossbow
  • Boots
  • Med helm
  • Sq shield
  • Platelegs
  • Plateskirt
  • Chainbody

Some really early concept art we dug up for a corrupt Dragon aesthetic

Here's how those concepts turned out looking when modelled in-game!

Additionally, we asked you in a survey to name any one item you'd love to see get a cosmetic kit upgrade. The most popular choices were the Neitiznot helmet and the Fighter torso - so we've got a poll question for both of these.

If the poll question for any of these kits pass, we'll share imagery for all of the rewards at a later date and give you an opportunity to provide feedback, before adding any of them to the game.

Finally, we've got questions for some other PvP-centric kits that we initially polled alongside Emir's Arena. While we know re-polling rewards isn't always a popular decision, we think these would be a great fit for Bounty Hunter. Additionally because these were polled before we moved to greenlighting content, they already exist and wouldn't require any additional development time.

The kits we've included in the poll (pictured below) are:

  • Elder Chaos Robes
  • Heavy Ballista
  • Elder Maul


As a final point, we're asking you what you'd like us to do with HiScores. This new iteration of Bounty Hunter differs a fair bit from previous versions, so we'd like to figure out exactly how to handle the pre-existing Bounty Hunter HiScores.

We're not able to 'archive' the old results, so we realistically have two options for you to choose between:

  • Option one: Create a new HiScores table, titled something like 'Bounty Hunter Crater' and leave the old Bounty Hunter HiScores visible.
  • Option two: Continue adding points to the old Bounty Hunter HiScores table, meaning some players will start out higher on the HiScores than others.

If neither option proves more popular than the other and we see suggestions that you feel are a better solution, we'll aim to address any concerns before making any material changes to the HiScores themselves.

With that, our summary of everything we're polling for Bounty Hunter rewards is concluded!

Head over to your nearest in-game Poll Booth, or navigate to the 'Community' tab under Account Management in-game to cast your votes!

You can also discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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