February Content Drop: New Foundations

February Content Drop: New Foundations

New Foundations

The Wilderness: a hive of Zamorakian cultists, deadly monsters and terrifying natural disasters. Ever since Zamorak decimated the area its only inhabitants have been deranged and the damned. But with the banishment of the gods, it's time to take it back for the people! King Roald has decreed that anyone who can claim back land from the Wilderness and defend it will become its Duke, Duchess or Dux. The other nobility are sure to love that, but this is no time to think politics. First, you have to get a foothold and establish a new Fort in this dangerous place.

Make your mark on the Wilderness and establish a strategic outpost using the all-new Construction skilling method. You’ll be able to upgrade your base of operations and in future updates add new and exciting buildings to bolster the fort – and prepare its inhabitants for the fight against the forces of chaos!

Let's get Building

After chatting with the King and Queen you will quickly find yourself laying out the foundations for your new fort with the help of the Master of Blueprints, Bill. Once you’re up to speed with the new skilling method you will be tasked with growing your fort from its humble beginnings to a shining bulwark of order, progressively upgrading the tiers of the four foundational buildings.

The Workshop

The heart of the Fort! Nothing is getting built without resources and this is where you will be able to process the needed construction materials. It comes stocked with the new Sawmill and Stonecutter for processing raw materials into the building blocks of the fort. As you improve your workshop it will give you remote access to your invention machines and even access to more power for them.

The Chapel

If the Workshop is the heart the Chapel is the soul of the fort. Players can gather here and train their Prayer skill in the company of others, and even help each other out by lighting the communal burners to give everyone around buffs. As you improve the Chapel you gain better experience rates at the altar and more efficient burners.

Command Centre

What kind of Duke personally runs around handling each of their ventures? Cringe. Now you no longer need to travel the realm on foot to check up on how things are in Anachronia, the player owned Port or Miscellania - or even to check in with your Research teams. You can do it all from the comfort of your Command Center! As you improve it you’ll gain access to increased benefits for these campaigns.

Town Hall

Last but definitely not least is the Town Hall, built to be a place where you can relax and unwind after a long day of adventuring… or maybe even meet some interesting characters. Here you will accumulate a pool of rested experience.This is a new method to help you skill: as you work away in the fort or when you are offline you will build up a pool of rested experience that can be traded in for bonus XP in any skill you choose. This pool grows bigger with each upgrade to the Town hall. On top of that, building the Town Hall will give you access to a Bank NPC in the main courtyard of the fort.

These are just the first buildings you will be constructing in the fort. As the story continues and new elements are added we will be introducing new buildings that you can construct and upgrade!

Tiers? Never heard of them

As mentioned each building will have multiple tiers of progress unlocking extra features & improving on their core feature. Below is a table of the buildings and their upgrades.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Town Hall Collect Rested XP → turns to bonus xp in the fort.
Access to a Bank NPC
1% of a small star generated per 15 minutes logged out from anywhere.
1% of a small star every 3 mins skilling in the fort.
5 lamp cap.
2% of a small star every 3 mins skilling in the fort.
10 lamp cap.
3% of a small star every 3 mins skilling in the fort.
15 lamp cap.
Chapel Altar + Burner Access
250% xp on altar
15 seconds per herb burner time.
300% xp on altar
18 seconds per herb burner time.
350% xp on altar
21 seconds per herb burner time
Prayer book swap
Command Centre Remote access to async content
Ports +3% success chance bonus.
Ports +3% success chance bonus.
Anachronia bonus 5 workers
Research -3% cost bonus
Misc rep boost and hold max 7 days
Ports +4% success chance bonus. (Total 10%)
Anachronia bonus 5 workers (Total 10)
Research +3% speed bonus
Workshop Construction activity
Workbenches/skilling locs
5% buff to hotspot construction XP in the fort
Remote Access Invention Machines
10% buff to hotspot construction XP in the fort
Increase invention machine power by 25%
15% buff to hotspot construction XP in the fort

We must construct additional pyl.... Walls

Building (heh) off our previous skill updates, we’ve come up with a new method to advance in Construction. This is a multi-stage process that has the player compress a large number of base resources into objects they’ll need to construct a full building. This is available to players of all Construction skill levels, with new buildings and tiers becoming available as you master your craft.

  • The first time they build a complete building, unlike other construction methods, the building is permanent
  • The buildings work in tiers of 3, each providing an upgrade and requiring more materials
  • Players will be able to continue skilling via this method by 'reinforcing' the buildings, they do not require this reinforcing to function and don't have to be maintained this is just to allow continued skilling opportunities.


Players can now process their own logs into planks on the Sawmill -introduced during the tutorial as a rate of 1 to 1 and then further work those planks into Refined Planks on a Woodworking bench (Separate station to the Sawmill) at a rate of 4 to 1. These planks can be traded and made into Wood Frames which are the components needed for the buildings!

This is intended to be a replacement for the current technique of turning logs into planks by taking them to a lumberyard and paying the sawmill operator NPC an extortionate amount of gold for him to process them. The Lumberyard will be removed as part of this update.

For 'special log types', these previously allowed the player to convert an entire inventory of logs into planks at the cost of two special logs. Now, they're able to just be processed straight into a Refined Plank of wood type, or processed into x number of base planks

Players will also need to work on some stone thankfully there is a new stonecutter which is built into the workshop tier 1 building to help with this!

Praying with numbers

Along with the Altar in the Chapel comes communal incense burners. Players can burn clean herbs in these burners to buff themselves and other players in the Chapel with an increased chance to save bones when using the altar. As you improve your Chapel this bonus increases from +3% at tier one to 6% at tier two and 10% at tier 3, this comes along with an increase to the efficiency of each herb burning for longer (15/18/21 seconds respectively)... and did we mention they are communal? So you can join in on keeping the incense train going by burning herbs and everyone benefits!

Command & Conquer (Red Alert was the best one)

As part of your new influence as a member of the nobility you can improve and access many of your previous ventures without the trouble of travelling, from the comfort of your Command Center.

As you progress in upgrades you’ll unlock extra benefits such as sending your Miscellania subjects extra goodies to keep them happy for longer or unlocking increased Success chance bonuses for your Player-Owned Ports (up to 10% at T3). Or how about reductions in the cost of research with the Archelogy Research teams and a bonus to the number of workers available at your Anachronia base camp?

What do we build from there?

And the fun doesn't stop there, as the year progresses new buildings and projects will come along to your Fort and expand on the foundations!

Opening up new benefits and bonuses and tying narratively into the ongoing story.

- The RuneScape Team

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