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Future Quests & More - Poll Blog

Today sees our first poll under the new system! Wonder what it’s about…?

More player power for polling!

We've got a real treat for you today! Not only do we have a new Twisted Tale for you, we’ve also got a mysterious new quest that comes with its own repeatable solo boss – and a hoard of sweet loot for you to plunder.

As you know from our poll changes blog, we’re taking a new approach to polling upcoming content. We’re being a little more secretive about things to make sure all the best bits stay a surprise – but you’ll still get the key info you need to make a decision.

So, if these poll questions look a little different – that’s why! Alongside these questions, we will also be polling the recent Combat Achievements Expansion Rewards, so if you missed out those check out the newspost before the poll launches later today!

The Garden of Death

We're going back to Kourend & Kebos!

We’re returning to Kourend and Kebos for another Twisted Tale! These short, standalone quests are intended to add additional life and character to the continent.

The next installment in this anthology is The Garden of Death, an intermediate quest created during our first-ever Game Jam. With a focus on exploration and discovery, this quest is unique in that it contains no characters, cutscenes, or dialogue, and instead uses an experimental style of gameplay that will see you deciphering a previously unknown language.

Requirements - CLICK HERE TO SHOW

Quests Required:

  • None

Skills Required:

  • 20 Farming


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 10,000 Farming XP

Poll Question #1:

Would you like a new, Intermediate-level Twisted Tale quest called The Garden of Death to be added to the game?

Psst... It's A Secret

Next on the docket, we’re proposing a new Master-level quest called… uh… let’s move along.

This quest is obviously so mysterious that the very title is a mystery – and the enigma doesn’t stop there. Our story begins with a murder, and there’s no shortage of suspects – in fact, you’re one of them! To discover the truth, you’ll need to form an unlikely alliance to uncover the true killer and discern their motive.

Here's the requirements:

Requirements - CLICK HERE TO SHOW

Quests Required:

  • Cor' blimey mate!
  • What are ye doin
  • in me pockets?
  • While Guthix Sleeps

Skills Required:

  • 69 Agility
  • 64 Thieving
  • 56 Hunter
  • Recommended 85 Combat Level


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 16,000 Agility XP
  • 12,000 Thieving XP
  • 8,000 Hunter XP
  • A new solo-repeatable boss

Wow! Glad we completed The Collection Log already.

Poll Question #2:

Would you like a new mysterious Master-level quest to be added to the game?

An example of a current Master-level quest rewards.

While we’re on the subject of quests, we’ve recently been discussing the XP rewards from Master and Grandmaster levels. These quests are some of the hardest in the game, but they can give less XP than if you were to spend the same amount of time just grinding for the relevant skills.

We want you to tell us how you’d feel about significantly increasing the XP rewards from these types of quests – a little something to make them more worthwhile, alongside the great stories they tell and the awesome items they offer.

Currently, the XP given from Master and Grandmaster quests varies between 10 – 30k for each named skill. We’d like to increase that to anywhere between 50 – 100k XP. The exact values will depend on the skill in question, the difficulty of the quest, and the quality of the other rewards on offer.

If this question passes, the result will apply to the new Bankstanding quest discussed above. We’ve got a second question, which asks if you’d like us to apply the new rule to previous Master and Grandmaster quests, as well. If you’ve already completed them, we’ll look to compensate you by introducing a simple way for you to claim any extra XP you missed out on.

Poll Question #3:

Would you like us to increase the amount of skill XP given from future Master and Grandmaster quests to between approximately 50 – 100k per skill?

Poll Question #4:

Would you like for us to increase the amount of Skill XP given from all previous Master and Grandmaster quests to between approximately 50-100k per skill? (Those who have already completed the quests will be able to claim the difference.)

A New Challenger Appears…

As you may have noticed, we’re keeping everything involving this new Master-level quest close to our chest – but we do have a little something for you to get excited about.

During Where Varok?, you’ll encounter a final boss. Once you’ve defeated it, and completed the quest, we’d like a phantom version of the boss to become a new, repeatable solo encounter.

Poll Question #5:

If a new mysterious Master-level quest is added to the game, would you like its final boss to become a repeatable solo encounter after completion? (If this question passes, the rewards for the boss will be polled at a later date.)

Of course, any boss worth its salt comes with some sweet loot, and we’re already considering some suitable rewards. In accordance with our new polling process, we’ll share our ideas if the new Master-level quest and the associated boss pass the poll.

We understand this new approach is a bit different, and we’re keeping things more secretive than usual, so we’d really like to hear your feedback about this poll.

We’ve got big plans for Dungeoneering when?, and we can’t wait to tell you all about the…

(Editor's note: Mod Errol here! It seems that whoever was writing this newspost has disappeared before finishing it. Very strange... I wonder what they were trying to say?)

You can also discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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