GameBlast15 | Friday 12:00 UTC | Live Stream

GameBlast15 | Friday 12:00 UTC | Live Stream

It's back and it's bigger than ever before: it's GameBlast15!

Just like last year we'll be streaming for a full non-stop 24 hours on the SpecialEffect Twitch channel, starting at 12:00 noon UTC (game time) on Friday the 20th of February, right the way through to 12 noon the following day.

This year we're taking it to the next level with explosive events and activities - including two fully fledged challenge teams who'll be going head-to-head with each other throughout the full 24 hours.

We'll also be hosting some pretty hot live entertainment, including a live fire walk outside of the Jagex offices.

Of course, we'll also be featuring your favourite JMods on our live stream and showcasing some awesome game content.

We'll be reopening the Well of Goodwill, too: an in-game feature which allows you to donate in-game wealth to raise money for SpecialEffect, with every 1 million coins you donate converted into US$1. All money raised through the well will be sent on directly to charity.

GameBlast is a community event, so we've invited over 30 players to join us at Jagex HQ this year, featuring on the live stream and adding to the great line up we've got planned.

Last year we raised almost 50,000 for SpecialEffect and this year we're hoping to raise even more. With your help we know it's possible and above is just a teaser of what we've got planned for the night, so stock up on your energy drinks, get your snacks on standby and prepare for an action-packed night of fun, laughs, gasps and mad XP gains.

Remember to tune in live on the SpecialEffect Twitch channel this Friday at 12PM UTC. We'll also be all over Twitter, where you can get involved using the hashtag #GameBlast15

See you there!

The RuneScape Team