Old School RuneScape: Early Access Now Open

Old School RuneScape: Early Access Now Open

The title says it all, folks. The August 10th 2007 version of RuneScape is now live and open to all who vote!

You - the community - have shown your commitment and have voted for your game. You smashed through the minimum viable threshold of 50,000 votes in just a matter of hours, so we have delivered on our promise to reinstate the service. Anyone who is a member and has voted can play now.

Not only that, but we have now also passed the 250,000 vote support mark. That means we will provide a small team for on-going development, provide a basic level of maintenance, and look to provide our latest anti-bot & anti-gold farming upgrades, all for a small additional membership fee of $5.

At the 500,000+ level of support, we'll be able to provide the service for free to members. We will also be able to bolster the development team, run weekly maintenance and implement our full anti-botting and anti-gold farming technologies. Not only that, but we'll carry out regular membership polls to decide new content. We are hoping to hit this option at the very least.

At 750,000+ votes you have all this at no extra charge…and the service will be open to free players, too!

As I mentioned yesterday in our live Q&A, we have pulled out all the stops to do this quickly for you, so the service will be rough around the edges for a little while. Please do bear with us as we improve the service for you.

Remember: it’s the community that makes a game fun, memorable and truly great. There will be no rollbacks or resets, so gather your friends and prepare to dust off your old-school skills. Join the Old School RuneScape party now!

For a breakdown of the answers we provided on Wednesday night in the Q&A, go here.

Any questions? Take a look at our FAQ here.

Remember: anyone who registers their vote will get their first month of Old School RuneScape for free, regardless of the eventual poll outcome. Keep on voting!

See you on Tutorial Island soon!


Mark Gerhard

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