Poll 69, BH Rewards, and Welcome Screen

Poll 69, BH Rewards, and Welcome Screen
This week sees the last of Poll #69, an update on BH rewards, and a new welcome screen.

Poll #69: Game Improvements

We’ve implemented the final changes from Old School Poll #69.

Phoenix Recolours

The Phoenix pet can now be recoloured by using 250 of the same colour firelighters on it. Another 250 red firelighters will turn it back to its original colour. Please note this is not an unlock and will require you to use 250 firelighters on the Phoenix pet each time you want to recolour it.

Explore Emote

Players can now unlock the "Explore" emote for completing 600 Beginner clue scrolls. If you have met these requirements already, you will need to open one more Beginner clue casket to unlock the emote.

Bounty Hunter Rewards

Back when we were first testing Bounty Hunter Rework, we added the Rune Pouch and the Looting Bag to Slayer Masters' Reward Shops to ensure they were still obtainable. We have done the same on this occasion, and taken the opportunity to make other items available via PvP activities.

Since Bounty Hunter is now inaccessible until its re-release, we have made the following rewards available elsewhere:
  • Slayer Masters now sell the Rune Pouch for 1.2 million coins. Iron players cannot purchase this.
  • Slayer Masters now sell the Looting Bag for 30,000 coins. Iron players can purchase this.
  • The Ornate Maul Handle is now available in the Last Man Standing Reward Shop for 15 points.
  • Saradomin's Tear is now available in the Last Man Standing Reward Shop for 150 points.
  • The Magic Shortbow Scroll, Ring of Wealth Scroll, and clue box have been added to the Wilderness Slayer loot table, on the enchantments roll.

We will be monitoring the Last Man Standing store to ensure that these prices are fair.
Welcome Screen

Back in September, we tested out an updated welcome screen layout which replaced redundant information and dead space with information about the game's content. We’re pleased to announce that it went very well, and we’ll be rolling it out for everyone this week. If you’d prefer to see the old layout instead, we have placed a "Switch Style" button in the top left corner of the screen which toggles the new layout on and off.

In Other News

While Bounty Hunter is on hiatus, the Bounty Hunter world will become a PvP world. This means worlds 324 and 325 will both be PvP worlds simultaneously. We're also making the following changes to all PvP worlds:
  • The PJ timer will be extended from 10 seconds to 15 seconds in single-way combat.
  • With more players using PvP worlds in the absence of Bounty Hunter, we've had some feedback about how those work, so we've reduced the range of combat levels for permitting combat from 15 to 10. Within the Wilderness on those worlds, the permitted level range still increases according to how deep you are in the Wilderness.

These changes may be tweaked or even reverted if they don't improve the PvP experience.

Other Changes
  • Baby dragons now have their colour in their name in order to help colourblind players determine which is which.
  • The full and half full imp-in-a-box is now more distinguishable from the empty one.
  • The Tier 4 armourer in Lovakengj now has some drawers to search for supply crates, as promised in his dialogue.
  • While the BH world is unavailable, the emblem trader in the Revenants' Cave will trade artefacts on worlds 318 and 319.
  • High Stakes LMS has had its entry fee raised to 100k. It may rise further in future updates if traffic holds up.
  • The spice rack entry in the Construction skill guide now lists all the requirements to build one.

Discuss this update on our official forums, the community-led 2007Scape Reddit, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For reference on the above content, check out the official Wiki.

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