Regarding Recent Allegations

Regarding Recent Allegations

Update: 21/07/2023

Following the last statement made on Monday, 20th April, we can confirm that our investigations have now concluded.

Itís important we remind you that under UK law, Jagex cannot comment on the status of any current or former employees due to employee confidentiality. We would also like to remind the community that any harassment of employees will not be tolerated.

As such, we will only be sharing information regarding the bans mentioned.

Our investigations confirmed that these bans were correct, with substantial evidence to validate they were in line with our standard procedures. Each ban had sufficient supporting in-game evidence to warrant the actions taken at the time.

We mentioned that whilst our investigations were on-going, we opted to change the duration of bans that were applied during this time to temporary. We can confirm that further action will only apply to those who continue breaking the rules.

Many of you will have recently seen community videos with allegations around a Jagex employee and suspected bias in account banning. We take these allegations extremely seriously and there is a formal internal investigation underway using the evidence provided. To protect confidentiality, we will not share the specifics of the investigation.

In February, similar claims were brought to our attention and a formal investigation was carried out. Based on the evidence available to us at that time, the investigation did not substantiate the claims. However, since new information has been brought to our attention, we have opened a new investigation.

Much of the evidence provided exists outside of our game, which means that the investigation will be more complex and will need time to review the information provided carefully. We ask for your patience while this is carried out and will update you once concluded.

Separately, last week we banned over 100 accounts for the use of account services. You can read more about this on the Rules of RuneScape and the following newspost. We can confirm that thorough independent checks have been made, and these bans are correct and have been upheld. There is substantial evidence to validate they are in line with our standard procedures and each ban has sufficient supporting in-game evidence to warrant the actions taken, though whilst our investigations are on-going, we have opted to change the duration to temporary. Should repeat offences occur, permanent bans will be applied to any accounts involved.

Please remain respectful to everyone involved in these issues. We do not tolerate harassment to any of our players, or staff, and request to not publicly share real-life information of players and staff alike. If you have any additional evidence that may aid our investigations, please send it directly to, so it can be included as part of our investigations.

The Old School Team