Summer Special 2018

Summer Special 2018

3 for 2 membership is now here! There's some excellent content due this summer including the Theatre of Blood and the Deadman Autumn Season.

Buy now and get stuck into Old School this summer.

3 for 2 Membership

This summer we're launching the Theatre of Blood, our second raiding challenge. Take on Lady Verzik and her collection of horrendous beasts for the chance to get yourself some new best-in-slot rewards!

There's also the Deadman Autumn Season, take part and fight to become the next champion in the epic Deadman Autumn Finals.

Save now!

6 for 5 membership

Tack on another couple of months and secure your membership at a great price throughout autumn. With the 6 for 5 deal you also get access to all of RuneScape's Premier Club Gold benefits.

Our friends over on RuneScape have produced a handy FAQ, give this a read if you have any problems purchasing this great membership offer.

See you in-game this summer!

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