The Community of 2007

The Community of 2007

The Old School servers have now been live for two days and 2007 has never been busier! Hats off go to Pur for making his way to the top of the Old School leaderboards! You can check out the rest of the top ranking Old School players and find your own position over on the classic-themed hiscores here.

Missing the Grand Exchange? Don't worry head on over to the Old School Marketplace forum to find all of the supplies and weaponry you need to survive! Trading has never been so rewarding!

Of course, if combat is more your thing then you may want to take a peek into the Old School Clans forum where you'll find hundreds of nostalgia-filled clan leaders searching for new (Old School) recruits!

Following from RuneShark's Old School preparation video yesterday, here's another great Old School themed video from Beachil for your viewing pleasure!

It doesn't stop there you've all already been telling us so much about your Old School RuneScape adventures:

"Thank you @RuneScape for @OldSchoolRS old rs is simply beautiful =)" - @tacalacataca

"Been going on a 6 hour marathon on RS and i still cant get enough! I love these 07 Servers! @RuneScape" @SaniityyGaming

"@RuneScape Thanks for bringing my childhood back, along with many other peoples childhoods. #07scape #Nostalgia" @ak47_1995

"@Runescape Having played RS since 2004 I can certainly say that playing Old School Runescape is giving me some crazy Nostalgia. THE FEELS! " @vain_vurxof

Share your Old School achievements and stories with us over on Twitter (@RuneScape)!

Don't forget that the Old School poll is still open and it's up to you to decide the destiny of Old School 'Scape!

The RuneScape Community Team