This Weekend on Twitch

This Weekend on Twitch
This Weekend On Twitch

The weekend is here and, as always, there will be lots of Old School streams happening over the next couple of days! Here are some to watch out for over the weekend...

PureSpam - PvP Shenanigans

On Saturday at 7am EST, PureSpam will be continuing his Hacked to Stacked series. After 10 days he has gone from almost nothing to over 300m. Expect high risk fights and some hunting of hunters in deep wilderness when you tune in.

babooshkuh - Iron Man Slayer

Join babooshkuh at 12pm EST on Saturday as he progresses even further on his iron man with some good old slayer.

Klasssy - "Sick PKing Content"

It seems that Klasssy plans to take out some noobs in the wilderness over the weekend. Join them at 8am EST to see if they succeed!

Oblivion PvM - High Level PvM Content

Over the weekend, Oblivion PvM will be streaming a variety of PvM content on Twitch. If you want to watch some experience PvMers try their luck, make sure to tune in!

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