This Weekend on Twitch

This Weekend on Twitch
This Weekend On Twitch

The weekend is here and, as always, there will be lots of Old School streams happening over the next couple of days! Here are some to watch out for over the weekend...

Ironman Barrows!

Watch as Pakosco climbs towards his goal of 1000 total Barrows chests on his Ironman - from 1:00pm BST on Saturday and Sunday

Teaching my Grandmother Zulrah

Tune in as Gunschilli attempts to teach his Grandmother how to kill Zulrah - from 5:30pm BST on Sunday.

Ironman Barrows

Come join Iron Strix as he tests his Ironman luck with the Barrows Brothers. All day on Saturday.

1 Def Pure Pking!

Join the original 3 Hit U as he takes on the wilderness from 6:00pm BST on Sunday.

High Level Bossing/Pking!

Check out IronGuy as he takes on Old School's toughest bosses and Pkers - from 3:00pm BST on Saturday.

Epic Max Zerker Pking!

Come join Owasco as he dominates the wilderness on his maxed berserker pure! From 11:00pm BST on Friday.