XP in Old School

XP in Old School

With the poll nearing 450,000 votes Old School RuneScape is in full swing! We've seen some incredible feats over the last few days with hundreds of millions of XP being earned in the Old School game already! Atrate is currently the closest player to the first 99 in Old School, currently at 97 Thieving – that's a lot of plundering!

Top of the Leaderboards

Speaking of XP – I had a chat with Old School 'Scaper Pur today who is currently already sitting at the top of the Old School leaderboards with an impressive 961 total level! Fancy working your way to the top too? Here's what he had to say:

"If you're looking for some quick level gains be sure to check for any quests with large XP rewards in the skills you're looking to level and make sure you plan ahead. I had all of the quests I was going to complete from the start planned out along with the methods I would use to train my skills."

Rocket Challenges continue!

Mod Rocket's series of Old School challenges continue as he issues day five in his series of Old School RuneScape video blogs. Find out more and get involved with the challenges here!

Your Tweets

Over on Twitter, the excitement for Old School RuneScape continues with XP discussions aplenty!

"Seriously, #07Scape was the greatest idea ever, I love it! @RuneScape" - @purepurge

"@RuneScape 2007 Old School servers are a blast from the past and im loving every second if it! Thanks Jagex!" - @TakenToExtreme

"Keep losing my top 100 rank in runecrafting :( @OldSchoolRS" - @BareJack

"Finally got 45 Magic! No more walking around Wolf Mountain for this guy! I love this game <3 @OldSchoolRS" - @TexasTrillll

Don't forget to share your old school achievements and stories with us over on Twitter (@RuneScape)! You can also submit any feedback you have regarding Old School RuneScape in our Old School Feedback forum.

Popular YouTuber inthelittlewood has documented their first experience of Old School RuneScape – join them on their journey down memory lane in this great commentary!

Mod Mike & The RuneScape Community Team