Account Security

Greetings, adventurers.

It's time for another security reminder I think. These are all things we've said before, but we've got lots of new players lately, and there's advice here everyone would benefit from being reminded about. So please read this carefully! This stuff is important!

We take security very seriously here, but it's also obviously important that our players are equally careful. The most important thing to do is to set your password recovery questions!

Don't make the mistake of thinking you don't need them. Unfortunately we regularly get messages from people who thought they wouldn't need their password recovery questions and didn't set them. If you haven't set your recovery questions then we can't gurantee we will be able to give you your character back, if the unthinkable happens and you lose it.

Also even if you are convinced you will never lose your password you should still set your password recovery questions, because it also helps to protect your account. If someone else sends a fake password recovery request for your account, and the questions are NOT set, there is obviously less stuff they have to guess correctly to impersonate you. So not setting your questions is just downright dangerous.

So really, please set your password recovery questions!

Account Management:

Hopefully you are convinced now, so here is how to set them. The account management button is located on the main page at and is your one stop security shop. Here you can choose to update your password, contact details and recovery questions. We strongly recommend you take the time to complete this information in case you should ever need it at a later date.

When choosing your password and recovery details, be sure to take into consideration the following:

1 Make your password and recovery details difficult to guess.

2 Make your password unique to RuneScape alone. ie. Do not use the same password anywhere else.

3 Keep these details a safely guarded secret. Do not tell anyone!

4 Avoid repetition and sequential answers for your recoveries. Eg:12,123,1234

Keeping your computer safe: In this age of technology, it is vital to keep your computer itself safe from hackers. To prevent anyone from being able to access your computer through spyware or trojan key-logging devices, there are several useful tools at your disposal: Here you can download a free firewall to protect your computer from external attacks. This site supplies information on trojan/key loggers and how to remove them. Here you can download a free version of Ad-Aware, an antispyware device.

For further information on the safety of your computer, head to the main page and select Rules & Security > Security Tips.

Follow these rules with care and your account will remain safely in your possession. The wise adventurer should always ride on the side of caution.

RuneScape Customer Support