Activity Pets: Shortlist and upcoming Polls

Activity Pets: Shortlist and upcoming Polls

A huge thanks to every single one of you who sent in an entry to our Pet Designs contest! Entries for the Activity Pets Competition are now closed and itís time to start thinking about who will emerge as the winner.

We received hundreds of quirky, cool, and cute pet designs, and weíve finally narrowed our selection down to a shortlist. All we need now is for you, the community, to decide what the final pets will be!

To cast your vote, simply head to the in-game polls. The first round of voting begins on December 17th, where youíll be voting to choose your favourite from the following pets:

Area Pets

Allison by i love verac

Nico by Merds

Skips by Sgt Viper

Mune by Suizzy

Pico by Willoway

Clue Scroll Pets

Meek by Bunny Riven

Cassie by i love verac

Jellileo by Milc

Trenchie by Suizzy

Artemis by Wild Kitzune

The second round of voting will begin on December 24th. The pets youíll have to choose between are listed below, so youíll have plenty of time to decide on your favourites.

Moneymaking Pets

Loan Shark by Cyberen

Frog oí Fortune by i love verac

Richie by KariChibi

Bizz Bee by Sgt Viper

Moneygrubb by tommurtonart

RuneScore Pets

Cheevo by 1th

Zez by Babysteps

Chief by i love verac

Leo by MendedHeart

Mini Max by Riddle

Good luck to everybody, and may the best pet win!

The RuneScape Team

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