Adventurer’s Log

You’ll find that clicking on a player’s forum avatar image will take you to that player’s Adventurer’s Log – a new website feature where you can check all sorts of interesting facts about your character. From current quest progress to recent personal events, you’ll be able to get the latest news on your and other players’ accounts. If you’ve visited Iconis’s Photo Booth, there’ll even be a couple of pictures of your character.

As you play we’ll be generating interesting news about your character’s experiences: high-level NPCs killed, expensive monster drops, and even player kills made on PvP Worlds will be logged. You can also look at other players’ logs (if they’re public) and compare characters. We feel we’ve covered a broad selection of newsworthy events, but would love to hear your ideas for what else you might like to see.

Be advised that every player’s Adventurer’s Log is publicly viewable by default, but you can set your profile to be available to ‘Friends only’, or make it ‘Private’ so only you can see it. Regardless of your Log’s privacy setting, your ‘Time Played’ information will only be visible by you. The Adventurer’s Log can also be accessed via the website’s Community menu, or by clicking here.

We also like to point out that it’s possible for members to directly link to the images of their avatar as taken in the Photo Booth. These are the images displayed both on the forums and in the Adventurer's Log. The process for doing so is quite straightforward, and is explained here.

Mod Dylan
RuneScape Content Developer

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