Ali Morrisane and Pollnivneach

For years the Al-Kharidians have been at war with the desert folk south of the Shantay pass. Only now can strangers wander the desert freely, without fear of being imprisoned and tried for war crimes.

One of the quickest people to take advantage of this is the entrepreneur Ali Morrisane, RuneScape's self-proclaimed greatest merchant. He has set up a market stall in North Al-Kharid, but thanks to his near-mystical sales powers he can hardly keep it in stock!

Pollnivneach, a desert town, home of the super kebab and melting pot where both Kharidian and Menaphite cultures mix, has also opened its arms to travellers in what we hope will be the first of many gestures of reconciliation.

Travel to this desert town should be taken with touch of caution as the desert climate is unforgiving to careless travellers who embark without enough water.

Rumour has it that Ali Morrisane needs an errand to be carried out here, so it may prove profitable to talk to him before embarking for this town.

In other news, Diango the toy salesman in Draynor Village is now selling a new toy.

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