Ancient Effigies

Ancient Effigies

This week sees the introduction of ancient effigies to the potential loot you can receive when defeating the various creatures encountered during your adventures. Players taking on the challenges of combating stronger enemies will be more likely to discover an ancient effigy once their foe has fallen before them.

These ancient effigies seemingly possess a will of their own and desire knowledge from the adventurers who hold them. Initially, an effigy will require you to have level 91 in one of two skills (chosen randomly) to investigate it, from which you will receive healthy amounts of experience in the skill you choose. As effigies absorb more and more of your knowledge, they will require ever higher levels in other skills – level 93, then level 95, and, finally, level 97. If you can supply the ancient effigy with all the knowledge it seeks, you may discover something of the secrets it holds...

Less experienced adventurers who luckily manage to obtain an ancient effigy, but who don’t have the skill levels to supply it with the knowledge it seeks, can always ask for a helping hand through the Assist System (the person who assists will earn the XP, but you may still end up with something for your troubles at the end). Alternatively, if you lack both experience and patience, and would prefer more instant gratification, Historian Minas at Varrock Museum will be more than happy to take an effigy off your hands in exchange for a small reward.

Mod Rathe
RuneScape Content Developer


Where to get ancient effigies:

Ancient effigies are rare drops from a wide variety of creatures...

Requirements to investigate ancient effigies:

Levels 91+ in various non-combat skills (which skills may vary for each effigy found).

In other news...

The Orb of Oculus (machinima camera) has been upgraded and given new functionality and features to help you with all your in-game videos.

The classic Clan Wars arena is now entirely multiway, with the exception of a small area around each entrance portal.

A monkey has appeared in the sword shop in Varrock. If you stop by, he may be able to sell you something from his own stock...

You can now convert clay into soft clay with the Humidify spell from the Lunar spellbook.

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