Announcing the Winners of our Epic 5v5 Tournament!

For weeks, the crème de la crème of RuneScape have been duking it out in Clan Wars to prove they have what it takes to to take on Jagex’s pro-team in a live showdown. The battles were long, messy and hard-fought. Ultimately, there could be only one winning team, which meant the final battle between ‘New Beginning’ and ‘Fatal Death’ was going to be big! After much clashing of metal upon metal, the field of battle lay silent leaving one team victorious...

Fatal Death!

Massive congratulations go to Fatal Death, who we proclaim to be winners of the first ever RuneScape 5v5 Tournament. They’ll shortly be teleported to RuneFest's main stage for the fight of your lives! So, they’d better get ready. Fatal Death’s Austinfroob had this to say about the upcoming clan off: “I laugh at the thought of losing to the JMod team... It will be the battle of a lifetime!”. Tough words, Austinfroob, tough words. ;)

To witness this monumental clash of titans, and to see JMods and PvPers going at it hammer and tongs, you'd best grab yourself a front-row seat by heading to the Runefest website to bag a ticket.

Let battle commence!

RuneFest Team

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