Anti-‘76k’ing Measures

As many of you know, since the opening of PvP Worlds, ‘76k’ing has become a very common practice. We’ve never been happy about this as we believe it spoils the game experience for players who want to play on PvP Worlds as intended and exhibit their PvP skills, with high rewards for high risks, rather than it being a safe method for earning large amounts of money. Looking at our forums, it looks like many players feel the same way.

Designing and developing a solution to this issue that worked, but which did not lessen the rewards for legitimate kills, turned out to be rather tricky. We’re hopeful that the solution we’ve come up with will reduce 76King without having too significant an impact on legitimate PKers.

Players who trade kills will find that the drop they receive is lessened in value. Legitimate PKers might find that some of their kills will result in smaller drops (e.g. when getting revenge on someone who has just killed you), but since you’ll still only lose as much Earning Potential as is used for the drop, your average drop will stay the same.

Mod Chihiro
Senior Technical Developer

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