Archaeology Journal: Everlight

Archaeology Journal: Everlight

While investigating the new Archaeology Guild headquarters in Varrock, our intern goblin discovered another journal page cunningly hidden in a wastepaper basket along with an intriguing letter from none other than Vanescula Drakan! Oh Tony… what are you up to now?!

Erysail, Moevyng 13th

Anthony B. Robinson,

When I agreed to lend my subjects, my wealth, and my not inconsiderable knowledge to your crackpot expedition, it was on the understanding that we would be discovering the fate of our ancestors, the vampyre strike force who bravely gave their lives for Lord Zamorak.

So perhaps you can explain why your irksome little ‘Time Sprites’ keep leading us to icyene corpses?!

Despite your promotion to Guildmaster, perhaps I must remind you that the icyene were our enemies during the God Wars. Suffering as you do from your mortal lifespan, I suppose you cannot comprehend the trouble this might cause, but let me assure you that a reminder of our violent past is the last thing our fragile alliance needs.

And a few old bones will be the least of your worries if I find out you had anything to do with that blasted lighthouse! I’m assuming that you knew nothing about it: which is, incidentally, the reason your blood is still sitting comfortably on the inside. Now pay attention.

We noticed that more of the Time Sprites were moving out to sea a week ago and to be honest I hoped that might be the last we saw of them. Then yesterday, while I was trying to get some beauty sleep, they all started glowing, horribly brightly. That’s when we realised that the light wasn’t just coming from the Time Sprites: something in the water was shining, too, and the damn things were raising it up.

Of course, it’s too bright for me to get a good look but my sources have told me that this thing is the Everlight, an icyene symbol of hope. Veliaf will have a field day with this one.

More importantly, that celestial light is making life very difficult for us, and as you are the one who brought this misery into our lives, I’m making it your responsibility to get rid of it.

Do not disappoint me, Guildmaster. I don’t care who you involve or what you have to do. Just. Turn. It. Off.

Yours furiously,

Vanescula Drakan

Aaargh! Why can’t I just have one nice, simple dig site without any supernatural rubbish attached? I accepted the promotion to Guildmaster in the hope that others would busy themselves with the day to day machinations and that my lot would be calmer! Angry vampyres? Buildings rising up out of the sea? I’ve been Guildmaster for all of one week and I already feel out of my depth.

But, every cloud has a silver lining! The lighthouse – and the Everlight within it – played a key role in early Saradominist culture, and this site could shed some light (haha!) on a period of history we’d thought was long lost to us. Not only that, but some histories have it that the light has a power of its own… that’s something that could prove very useful in these troubled times.

So there you have it! Everlight, the forgotten hope of the icyene, has risen again! What other wonders might its light illuminate?

Join us again next week for the fifth – and final – Archaeology Journal, where we’ll be looking at something called the Infernal Source.

Weird - the only ‘infernal’ thing I’ve seen at the Jolly Boar inn are the kebabs…