Ardougne Achievement Diary

Ardougne Achievement Diary

It's time again for another Achievement Diary, for those players who like to explore what’s available in a specific area. It's the turn of Ardougne to come under the all-seeing-eye of the diary taskmasters, but we're not limiting things to just a few tasks here and there this time. A number of them have either come from or been inspired by player suggestions on the forum thread we ran for this not too long ago.

Explore the Ardougne area as you've never done before! From the Legends' Guild to Castle Wars, and from the Combat Training Camp to Yanille, there's something for everyone. You'll uncover some fiendishly difficult tasks that will push your skills to their limits, plus a rather ‘sneaky’ reward at the end of your travels. Hopefully, everyone will learn a thing or two along the way too.

So get out those gloves of silence and your teleport runes, and take a walk round Kandarin today.

Mod Maz
RuneScape Developer
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Where to start the Ardougne Achievement Diary:

Speak to Dr Orbon in the church, Ardougne’s town crier or Aleck in Yanille’s Hunter shop.

In other news...

Health bars will no longer become completely red unless the player/monster has zero hitpoints.

When you're in resizeable mode, the chat window can now be vertically resized to show more lines of text, chat and other messages. Your stats interface will also expand itself to remove the need for a scroll bar.

After completing Within the Light, you can ask Eluned to help you add a choice of destination to your teleport crystals.

Your gravestone should now be indicated on the minimap.

The position of your Friends and Clan Chat list vertical bars are now remembered between logins, provided you're using the signed applet.

You are now allowed to purchase multiple skillcapes.

We've changed the way the TzHaar Fight Cave records your progress. In future, if you get disconnected during a wave, you'll automatically restart from that wave rather than having to begin the minigame again. You can still use the logout button to make the minigame log you off when you've completed your current wave.

The interface that lets you change the left-click function of the Summoning status globe (next to the minimap) will no longer be closed by combat.

Murky Matt at the Grand Exchange can now combine the charges on members' teleport jewellery.