Around the Campfire with Mod Osborne: Lore

The lore of RuneScape has grown over 12 years of development and hundreds of updates, and it's only getting bigger! With so many storylines, characters, relationships and facts created in that time, there are bound to be questions the community needs answered: stories you’ve always wanted to know more about, why a character acts a certain way, or the inspiration behind your favourite piece of content.

That’s why Mod Osborne - Senior Narrative Designer - is setting aside some time to answer all your RuneScape lore questions!

He’ll be on hand to answer all your lore-related queries on Monday 18th March from 20:00 GMT onwards. A thread will open for you to post your questions on several hours beforehand, and Mod Osborne will be answering on a separate locked thread to ensure all his replies are easily viewable in one place.

Prepare your questions and be ready to post this Monday!

The RuneScape Community Team

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