As a First Resort...

Having travelled to the ogre town of Oo'glog, Balnea could not have expected such an irresistible business opportunity. The town may be full of annoying bugs and surly ogresses, but it's also home to some rather miraculous pools!

These pools seem to have all manner of benefits to health and performance; with this in mind, Balnea has become determined to change the primitive encampment into a luxurious health spa! Unfortunately, managing a team of ogres has proven more of a challenge than Balnea bargained for and she could use your help to get the spa up and running.

It certainly won't be easy: bugs circle the spa pools, the hotel owner seems to think that slabs of beef make good pillows and the local chef couldn't rustle up the simplest of recipes. Resolve these issues, however, and you'll have access to the full range of Oo'glog's offerings, including shops, spa pools, ogre wigs, mud packs and the ability to trap three new Hunter creatures. Keen woodcutters will also find a new tree - the eucalyptus.


Where to start As a First Resort...

Speak to Chief Tess in the centre of Oo'glog.

Requirements to complete As a First Resort...

Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Zogre Flesh Eaters
Hunter level of 48
Firemaking level of 51
Woodcutting level of 58

Access to:

A whole new area, the size of Lunar Isle
Three new Hunter creatures
A new Summoning pet
A new type of tree
A host of other rewards!

In other news...

We've fixed an issue that sometimes caused players to appear to disappear in Clan Wars. This was only happening in some areas and has been changed so players won't vanish anymore!

The one-dose Zamorak potion wasn't behaving in the same manner as the other versions. This has been corrected so that all doses give you the same benefits.

Rings of life will no longer teleport you out of Clan Wars when you're low on Hitpoints. This is a safe minigame, so there was no need for it to teleport you to safety.

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