Awesome-RuneFest 2011-Item-Headgear-Concept-Competition

Speculation has been pretty intense over the last few weeks and a question we’re asked daily is “what’s this year’s in game item?” Well there’s a good reason that we’ve not told you – you’ve not designed it yet!

This year’s RuneFest item will be headgear, but what should that head gear look like? Should it be a hat, a mask, a helmet or a rubber chicken with space for your head? Is it going to be serious or just a bit of fun? It’s up to you.

To find the right head gear we’re today launching the “Awesome-RuneFest 2011-Item-Headgear-Concept-Competition”. You don’t need to be an accomplished artist or even have a RuneFest ticket to take part.

All you need is a good idea that you can share with us. It might be a diagram; it might be a description; it could be drawn on a scrap of paper or it might be a photograph of some actual head gear you’ve made. Once you’ve got your idea, send it on to before midnight (UK time) on Sunday August 21st.

As the winner of this competition, your design will be lovingly crafted by our Graphics team and be the official RuneFest 2011 in game item. It’ll be a must-have item, super-rare and on the heads of all RuneFest 2011 attendees. You’ll also win a pair of tickets giving you and a friend access to both days of this year’s RuneFest and the Halloween party to end all Halloween parties!

You can find full details including rules, terms & conditions and answers to any related question you can throw at us over on the dedicated competition thread and, of course,

Good luck one and all!

Paul M
RuneFest Team

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