Bank Op and Equip Screen Update (BOAESU)

Ever got tired of closing and re-opening the bank so many times when you’re equipping your character? In this week’s update, we’ve updated the bank’s inventory view to offer right-click options on certain items. You’ll be able to equip weapons and armour, eat food, fill essence pouches, drink antipoison and energy potions, and much more besides.

The Equipment Bonuses interface has also had a makeover this week. It now offers right-click options for viewing the stats and weight of your items, and you can ‘Compare’ one item with another to see their stats displayed side by side. We’ve taken this opportunity to list items’ damage-absorption rates along with their other stats - this feature is used by high-level Dungeoneering reward armour. While you’ve got the bank open, you can even toggle instantaneously between the Bank and Equipment Bonuses interfaces by clicking the new buttons at the top-right corner of each. This should help you unequip items and check their stats without shutting the bank.

We expect you’ll have plenty of suggestions for operating other items with the bank open. While the system will always be a bit limited (i.e. don’t ask to combine items or light fires with the bank open!) we’d be happy to hear your requests.

Mod Ash
Senior RuneScape Content Developer

In other news...

Players will find they have temporary immunity from random events should they die to the Corporeal Beast, to allow them the opportunity to reclaim their losses.

Advisor Ghrim has had a right-click option added to allow players to gather their resources a lot faster.

The download speed of the game client should now be anywhere up to 5x faster than it used to be.

The Varrock apothecary has discovered a way to create more than one Strength potion at a time.

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