Bank update

Bank update

Today's update brings the bank updates for which you voted in Poll 9.

  • The capacity of your bank has been increased by 3 rows, giving you an extra 24 slots.
  • The bank now remembers how many items you request when you use 'Withdraw-X' or 'Deposit-X', and will offer this number as an extra 'Withdraw' or 'Deposit' option on each item.
  • A Search button has been added to the bank screen, allowing you to filter the displayed items.
  • Two Deposit-All buttons have been added to the bank screen for attempting to deposit all your items.

In other news

We've adjusted the smoke spells on the Ancient Magicks to stop them trying to poison creatures that are immune to poison. This had been mucking up the Dagannoth and Gelatinnoth Mothers in Nightmare Zone. We've also fixed those particular monsters to make them stop notifying you about their colour changes after you left the Nightmare Zone arena.

It was pointed out that Nightmare Zone was playing the wrong music for the Ice Troll King. We've corrected this now.

Meanwhile, the God Wars Dungeon is making its way through development, and we look forward to releasing it in a few weeks. We've already remapped the corners of the boss rooms to resolve the major safe-spotting issues that were present in its original launch. The next step will be to review the combat AI of all the monsters to fix the old bugs where some of them wouldn't retaliate, or would do so incorrectly.

We'll be releasing a dev blog soon about Content Poll 10. That poll will offer a variety of additional rewards for the Nightmare Zone shop, taken from the suggestions you've been posting. There'll also be a couple of extra GWD-related questions in Poll 10, offering adjustments to the proposed new magical weapon based on your feedback. Plus a Halloween event. More details to follow in the blog...

You can discuss the update on the forums.

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