Barrows Changes + Other Tweaks

As mentioned last week, we have changed the nature of the durability of the barrows equipment. After 15 hours of use in combat your barrows equipment will have to be repaired. You can go and visit Dunstan (Burthorpe), Bob (Lumbridge) or Tindel Marchant (Port Khazard), who can make the necessary repairs. The important things to note are:

  • Barrows equipment will last for 15 hours of solid combat before wearing out and requiring a repair. (and you can actually kill an awful lot of monsters in that time)

  • It won't wear out at all unless actually being used to fight. And any use prior to today won't count against it.

  • The stats of the equipment will not reduce while it is degrading. Until it reaches 0% it will still be as powerful as it was when it was new.

  • Barrows equipment dropped from death will always appear as "broken" to other players scavenging the kill.

  • Barrows equipment is only tradeable when either fully broken or fully fixed.

  • Barrows equipment costs the following to repair:
    Barrows weapons: 100k
    Barrows bodies: 90k
    Barrows legs: 80k
    Barrows helmets: 60k

  • Equipment can be repaired at any time. You don't have to wait until the piece of equipment is broken. If you repair an item "early" it will cost you proportionally less to repair.

    Please check the Barrows equipment sets page in the equipment section of the manual for more information.

    Other Gameplay Tweaks

    Players can use the permanent serum on the Afflicted in Mort'ton in addition to the standard serum. Doing so will encourage a better response than before.

    Black spears can now be found in the shade chests.

    Headbands, halloween masks, berets and cavalier hats have had slight name changes so players can more easily identify the colour in a trade.

    Please note that these are NOT new items, just renamed old items.

    Unstrung bows now have a suffix of (u) to help identify the fact that they are unstrung.

    Desert bandits now give thieving xp when non-coin items are pickpocketed.

    Rangers can now target innocent werewolves over the bar tables in Canifis so they dont have to get their armour dirty.

    All the spears in the game are now the same (faster) speed.

    Have fun!!

    RuneScape Content Team

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