Battle of The Monolith - Coming Soon

The Elder God Wars are approaching – and it is time to experience the battle before the war!

Beginning on May 24th, Battle of the Monolith brings you four weeks of combat-orientated action. Fight alongside Gielinor's bravest heroes and deadliest villains in this new members-only adventure!

Zaros fights to capture the Monolith so he can enact his diabolical final plan. Can your Combat skills prevail against Azzanadra's Shadow Forces?

Return every week for the next chapter in the story, and enjoy bonus XP for each day you participate. There are many other rich rewards waiting to be earned, too!

But there’s more, brave hero – this is your chance to prepare for another great challenge that lies ahead. Alongside joining the Battle of the Monolith, take this opportunity to train up to 75 Slayer, 74 Archaeology and 74 Magic. It'll certainly help you with what is to come...

So, give your skills a weekly boost as powerful forces clash in the first battle of this epic saga!

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