Behind the Scenes - April

April is currently being called the "Desert theme month" and will greatly increase the desert area south of Al Kharid. There will be plenty of new challenges to be found, especially with the Pyramids and Sphinx, and the communities of Menaphos, Pollnivneach and the Bandit Camp.

For years the Al-Kharidians have been at war with the desert folk south of the Shantay pass. Only recently have strangers been allowed to wander the desert freely without fear of being imprisoned and tried for war crimes. We recommend you take advantage of this while you can, who knows when the Sultan will release his next wave of desert raiders? Only time will tell.

The new area will soon boast the most difficult quest yet released in RuneScape, and also some of the toughest people you are likely to meet. Dont expect a warm and friendly welcome in some of these parts, the inhabitants are accustomed to a harsh and hostile life in the desert and see no reason for pleasantries.

Odd birds, and lumbering shadows have been seen and heard during the cold desert nights perhaps they are security for the gods who are worshipped in this quarrelsome place? No doubt Guthix will be interested if this affects the balance of power in RuneScape, I guess we will all know very quickly if it does...

New spells, new cat-based activities, new revealing storylines unravelling a few more of the mysteries of the RuneScape gods, plagues, tomb robbing, camel-trading and even troll-melting will all arrive this month, so be prepared!