Behind The Scenes - August

This month sees some very interesting firsts in the world of RuneScape. This week, we see the release of the first woodcutting minigame. Yes, woodcutting doesn't have to be about just chopping down trees anymore! The locals will be waiting for you with open arms and plenty of community spirit in Tai Bwo Wannai Village. Experiment with different machetes while helping the villagers rebuild the broken fence to keep the wildlife at bay. Play with trading sticks, witchdoctors, mosquitos and all sorts of jungle antics in this very unique update.

Ali M has also been seen making a few business enquiries amongst his fellow Kharidian traders. No doubt he could do with a hand, especially when it comes to the mysterious boxes being used to transport runes safely around the desert. Rumour has it that the locking mechanisms have been designed by a Ms. Sue Duku, so don't expect a lockpick or a crowbar to get you through. Get involved with RuneScape's first multi-stockists, where the goods available depend entirely on player actions.

Also this month be prepared for heightened traffic to Keldagrim when the long awaited blast furnace finally opens its gates to humans. Only the greatest of RuneScape's smiths may run the furnace, but the dwarves are always looking for people to help power the flames in this magnificent machine. Bring your friends or pay for some help in RuneScape's first multi-player smithing experience.

The special soil for King Roald's garden has finally arrived and the Queen is organising a surprise for him after his annual holiday. Get involved in RuneScape's first grand statue heist and indulge in a spot of gardening to find that inner peace or just get in favour with the local royalty it can't really hurt, can it? I mean, it's not like RuneScape royalty ever gets you into trouble is it? *cough Lathas cough*

In other unrelated news, what in the world is the Wise Old Man of Draynor Village doing with that telescope? Does he really have Kalphites under his bed? Is he actually Guthix taking a break? Why does he keep all his maps on the floor? Is he really planning RuneScape's first bank job? What did he need those 8 lots of bronze maces for anyway? Only time will tell.

Finally, be on the lookout for more random characters and events around the map such as the Sandwich Lady, Evil Bob and Sebastian Gno, the fastest Gnome in the world. Dont ignore them! They dont like it when you ignore them...

Have a nice summer!

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