Bigger Banks & Treasure Trails

Bigger bank space
As promised we have now increased the size of your bank accounts. We have increased the size of both free and members banks by 25%. So free users get another 12 slots and members get another 48.

Treasure trails
Today we have released treasure trails into RuneScape. Various npcs on members servers will now ocassionaly drop random clues.

Each clue points to the location of another random clue. Solve enough clues (and maybe face one or two other challenges) and you will eventually find treasure, which could be anything from food or weapons to various rare items which can only be found on treasure trails.

Stronger monsters will tend to drop harder clues which will tend to lead towards more valuable treasure. Be warned the hardest clues are very tricky indeed.

You can't be on more than one treasure trail at once. If you have a clue, npcs won't drop more clues until you solve the trail you are on, or you abandon the trail by dropping your current clue.

Treasure clue are a fairly rare drop. A similar sort of rarity to low level gems, although not necessarily on the same monsters. If you just keep playing normally you will get them as a pleasant suprise from time to time.

Good luck and happy treasure hunting!

Faster herblaw secondary ingredients respawns.
Various players have pointed out to us the spawn rate of certain herblaw ingredients had slowed down. So we have sped them up. You should be able to get your snape grass, white berries and jangerberries nice and quickly.