RuneScape’s aglow this week as we introduce bonfires: a simple way to train your Firemaking skill, and perhaps make a few new friends while you’re at it.

You can now add to any fire that you or another player has created, using logs from your inventory. Not only does this mean that you no longer need to leave long lines of fires outside the bank, but you’ll benefit in a range of other ways that are sure to leave you feeling toasty warm:

Quicker and Easier Firemaking: Once you’ve begun the ‘add to’ action, you’ll continue to add logs to that fire automatically until the fire burns out or your inventory of logs runs empty. You can use any logs that you can normally light, and it doesn’t matter what sort of logs were used to start the fire. Fires made with higher level logs do last longer, though, so see if you can find a fire made with high-level logs. Fires are now coloured differently, depending on the log type used, and a right-click examine will tell you which is which, so it’s easy to tell them apart.

Gather Round for an XP Boost: Adding logs to a fire that others are already adding to earns a percentage bonus to Firemaking XP for all involved. This increases per person contributing, up to a maximum of 4% for 5 or more players. Not only is it better XP for everyone to gather round the same fire, but quicker and easier Firemaking means that it’s a great way to relax and chat with your fellow firemakers.

Attain a Hearty Glow: Contribute at least 5 logs to one fire in succession, and you’ll earn a temporary boost to your maximum life points; up to 10%, depending on your Firemaking level. This lasts longer depending on the type of logs you contributed; up to 60 minutes for magic or blisterwood logs. The effect stacks with other life point boosts, such as those from Saradomin brews.

Roasting on an Open Fire: Any cooking performed on player-made fires – either someone else’s or your own – will earn a 10% bonus to Cooking XP earned.

Free Fire Spirits: While adding logs to a bonfire, you may occasionally see a fire spirit emerge. They’ll be grateful to be freed from the constraints of log-based living, so click on these spirits when you see them to earn a reward, such as coins, runes, noted ore or a gnomish firelighter.

Summoning familiars that grant bonuses related to Firemaking will have no effect with regards to bonfires. Bonuses from the ring of fire, flame gloves, Dwarven Army Axe, the Barbarian Assault penance horn and the clan ring all apply, though.

Have fun!

Mod Ana

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