Bonus XP Weekend!

Bonus XP Weekend!

The Bonus XP Weekend has now started! The next time members log into the game, their bonus XP modifier will come into effect. The modifier will begin at 2.7x the usual rate of XP you would earn from standard training activities, and will decrease every 30 minutes (of in-game time) in line with the table below. Your multiplier will then remain at 1.1x until the Bonus XP Weekend finishes on Monday.

Game time (mins) XP Multiplier
Up to 30 x 2.7
30-60 x 2.55
60-90 x 2.4
90-120 x 2.25
120-150 x 2.1
150-180 x 2.0
180-210 x 1.9
210-240 x 1.8
240-270 x 1.7
270-300 x 1.6
300-330 x 1.5
330-360 x 1.45
360-390 x 1.4
390-420 x 1.35
420-450 x 1.3
450-480 x 1.25
480-510 x 1.2
510-540 x 1.175
540-570 x 1.15
570-600 x 1.125
600+ x 1.1

The XP button left of the minimap will give you information on your current XP modifier and how long until it next decreases via a tooltip. To get a clearer idea of what actions will and will not be modified by the Bonus XP Weekend, and for more information in general, please read the Second Helping blog and the announcement newspost.


The RuneScape Content Team

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