Bonus XP Weekend Wrap-Up

The swords have been swung, and the monsters slain; the dragon bones interred and the pouches infused. The dust has finally settled from our first ever Double XP Weekend, and what a doozy it was!

This is the first time that we've ever offered a flat rate of bonus XP - double XP for members - and the first time that we've opened up a Bonus XP Weekend to free players. All together, you clocked up an incredible 4,445,966 hours of game time over the weekend, and accumulated untold billions of XP. The level of devotion displayed for RuneScape over the weekend was truly staggering.

This level of activity was unprecedented, and at peak times some worlds experienced notable lag. The log-in servers also felt the strain, meaning that some users had difficulty logging in or switching worlds. While we kept everything running over the course of the 48 hours, we're aware that this was frustrating to those of you who were affected.

We'd like to apologise to anyone who had problems playing over the course of the weekend. In light of this, we're working hard to upgrade our server infrastructure, as well as further optimising our game systems.

Thank you again for your unmatched enthusiasm for RuneScape, and for your patience when there were technical issues. You can be sure that our next big game event will be better, smoother and more fun than ever before.

The RuneScape Team

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