Botany Bay

As part of our ongoing war on botting and gold farming , we launch Botany Bay! Those found to be using illegal software will be permanently banned and their account deleted - with no chance of appeal should they continue to ignore our warnings. After our recent major banning of professional gold farmers - Botany Bay is your chance to publicly name and shame persistent bot abusers!

As we hunt for and identify botters, you - the good citizens of Gielinor - will be the ultimate deliverers of justice!

Unrepentant and persistent bot-users will now find themselves banished to Botany Bay. This foreboding island is the staging ground for trials run by the Botfinder General, where there's only one verdict and justice is swift and uncompromising.

Those of you wishing to take part in the trials can speak to any of the trial announcers found in major Gielinor cities. You'll be teleported to the courtroom on Botany Bay, and given access to portals that can take you back any time. You'll be invited to pelt the condemned with rotten tomatoes, and will be asked to vote, along with other like-minded players, on one of three account-ending punishments:

  • Death by Crushing: Nothing says "banned" like a bot pancake.
  • Death by Swallowing: Watch as the bot is devoured by something unspeakable from the Abyss. Mm...crunchy.
  • Death by Deity: Righteous rays of bot-melting justice are the choice of the discerning angry mob.

Vote in three trials, and you'll be rewarded with a wieldable pitchfork of vigilantism. After that, the next three trials you vote in will unlock increasingly angry emotes, which can be performed by right-clicking your pitchfork. Finally, your seventh trial will reward you with the gloriously pointy pitchfork of justice.

We will continue to evolve our anti-botting measures to hunt down those guilty of trying to spoil the game for genuine players. So while we continue with the investigations, the trials can commence for those already found out!

Mod Mark

How to access Botany Bay

Speak to a trial announcer in one of Gielinor's major cities.



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