Bounty Locate and VineSweeper

Bounty Locate Spell:

It became clear that the Bounty Locate spell was being used as a way to escape from combat in Bounty Hunter. This was never our intention and made it harder to get bounty rewards, so we have altered the spell. If you are in combat, you will run or walk towards your target rather than teleport there. You will still teleport to your target if you are not currently in combat.

Also, the Bounty Locate spell will no longer work if you are 'held' by another spell - Ice Barrage or Entangle, for example.

These changes are effective immediately.


Having read your Forum posts, we felt that the rewards for Vinesweeper needed to be more worthwhile than they currently are. This enjoyable minigame is now having a shrewd eye cast over it. We plan to update the XP and seed rewards, amongst other Vinesweeper changes, next week.

We recommend that you keep hold of your Vinesweeper points until these changes have been made. We don't want to stop you playing the minigame; after all, we are not changing the amount of points you can earn - only what they are worth.

We also plan to make the rascally rabbits a little easier to deal with. Currently, they are too fast to be effectively stopped and will often eat your seeds before you can deploy an ogleroot.

To clarify, all of these Vinesweeper changes, and a few more, will be made next week.