BTS | Port Sarim Invasion

Port Sarim is set to relaunch on Monday 11th July with fantastic updated graphics, but the locals can’t rest easy - Jed the slaver will be laying siege to the town! Watch our behind the scenes video this week as Mod Srowley and Mod James H take you through the Port Sarim Invasion event and all the fantastic rewards on offer for defending the town!

Podcast | Gower Quest Q&A

For this week’s podcast, Mod MattHe put loads of your Gower Quest questions to Mod Moltare, Mod Mohawk and Mod Shauny. Listen in for the most informed answers around!

Listen now on YouTube, PodBean or iTunes.

Developer Q&A | July Month Ahead

Are you looking forward to a swashbuckling July in RuneScape? Check out our latest developer Q&A on the YouTube channel for a more in-depth look at the upcoming plans.

As always, have a jolly good weekend!

The RuneScape Team