BTS 119 - Ironman Mode

The Ironman challenge is a long-standing community favourite, where players start afresh and challenge themselves to play entirely self-sufficient accounts.

Ironman means no trading, no grouping - no using anything you've not made with your own hands, or personally wrested from a still-twitching enemy's death grip.

Soon, we'll be officially supporting this prestigious challenge with a dedicated game mode - in both the main RuneScape game and Old School. Mod Pips, Mod Ryan and Mod Mat K are here to tell you more, in today's Behind the Scenes video.

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Ironman Mode development is reaching its final stages and next week you’ll be able get another preview by watching JMods testing the feature on live stream.

In the meantime, visit Mod Pips's Ironman forum thread for further details on the feature.

The RuneScape Video Team

Please note: Mod Mark's Behind the Scenes - October news post will coincide with next week's Behind the Scenes video, releasing on the 3rd of October.

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