BTS Video – RuneLabs Special

Mod Luna heads up the first in a new series of RuneLabs Special videos, showing the latest and greatest player-submitted ideas and how we'll be developing them in the coming months.

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The RuneScape Video Team


Take a listen to our latest podcast, which is available now on YouTube. This week, Mod Kalaya meets Mod Deg to discuss Demon Flash Mobs in all their diabolical finery.

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The RuneScape Community Team

Live Stream – 'The Drop' Returns

Visit the RuneScape Twitch channel this Sunday, 8th February, at 8pm UTC for another live streamed game of The Drop.

12,000 of you tuned in last time, and thousands played along in-game, so this time we're running more games across multiple worlds.

There'll be plenty of opportunity to show your RuneScape trivia knowledge, and we'll have some epic prizes for the winners, so don't miss out!

The Live Streaming Team