Burgh de Rott Ramble

Those brave adventurers who have recently helped out the Myreque in the Darkness of Hallowvale quest will find loot-minded mercenaries are waiting at Paterdomus looking for guides down to Burgh de Rott.

The ability of these so-called 'mercenaries' ranges from experienced down to vampyre-fodder, but they can all lend their support to the cause of the Myreque. As an experienced member of the Myreque, you know Mort Myre like the back of your hand, so who better to guide them to Burgh de Rott?

Any of these mercenaries would be well-disposed to reward those that successfully guide them to their destination, no doubt with useful skill-related items. This new journey means that players can now lead villagers to safety from Burgh de Rott and bring back a fresh recruit on the return, meaning every trek can have purpose and reward.

With the recently repaired bank in Burgh de Rott being so handy, it couldn't be easier to prepare for plying those Morytanian swamp routes for some useful experience rewards.

With the growing number of visitors to Mort Myre recently, it's hardly surprising to find that more predatory creatures are carving themselves a niche in this forbidding swamp, so even those of you already familiar with the swamp-dwelling residents from Temple Trekking will be in for more surprises. Strange stories of dark nail beasts, humans turning into ghasts and zombie lumberjacks have all been reported to the authorities at Paterdomus - let's just hope you don't run into them when doing the Burgh de Rott Ramble.

Barrelchest Anchor

Players who've completed The Great Brain Robbery will find that we've made some changes to the Anchor weapon. In particular, we've increased its strength bonus to 87, but its attack speed has been reduced very slightly, as befits such a heavy item.

We have also increased the price, as we felt it was too cheap for such a powerful weapon. To make things fair, everyone will be able to get the anchor repaired one more time at the old price of 50k, but after that it will cost 700k to replace.

Finally, we have changed the way the anchor behaves when you die with it. If the anchor is one of the items you would normally expect to drop when you die, it will disappear and you will instead drop 230k coins. We made this change because the anchor is an item which people use for player-killing; we felt it was worth rewarding the big risks involved in killing a player-killer who was armed with this weapon.

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