Buyers and Cellars (and Thieves’ Guild)

If there is truth in the saying that there is honour among thieves, and also that many hands make light work, then why is there no Thieves’ Guild? An ‘entrepreneur’ by the name of Darren Lightfinger had this very thought, and is now recruiting guild members to help him build a splendid subterranean guildhall. To this end he is tasking rogue adventurers with ‘rescuing’ a valuable ‘artefact’ in our latest quest, Buyers and Cellars.

Such a novice caper will be the perfect start to a long and illustrious career as a thief, but it’s only the beginning of Darren’s ambitions for his Thieves’ Guild. Following on from the quest, he has a series of other capers planned to test the abilities of RuneScape’s thieving community, each of which increases in complexity and requirements.

As you complete these Thieves’ Guild capers you will, of course, receive suitable rewards in the form of loot and XP, plus you’ll also be contributing to the advancement of the guild, unlocking further facilities and opportunities for training Thieving.

Mod Moltare
RuneScape Content Developer


Where to start Buyers and Cellars:

Darren Lightfinger, in his cellar under the house north of Lumbridge's furnace.

Requirements to start Buyers and Cellars:

Completing Buyers and Cellars requires 5 Thieving; however, training will be offered to those of lower level. Post-quest Thieves' Guild jobs will require increasingly higher Thieving levels.

In other news...

The in-game logout interface now has options to either return to the lobby or to completely log out of the game (returning you to the login screen).

You can now use the 'Enter/Return' key in the lobby to quick-reply to the last private message you received (when on the Friends List), in much the same way as you use 'Tab' for this in-game.

Two weeks have passed since the release of Dungeoneering, so you can now claim experience in it from Tears of Guthix, Penguin Points and various reward lamps (excluding the reward for While Guthix Sleeps; this quest reward will be enabled at a later date).

Dungeon generation code will no longer take into account your Summoning level when adding NPCs to rooms. Due to this, creating and using a familiar should now give you a bit more of an advantage.

This week sees the return of the Lily of the Valley holiday content. This is a seasonal holiday in France, but the RuneScape event is available to everyone. To take part, simply pick some of the flowers around RuneScape!

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